Hey Iris!

(Sorry this is so long haha)

I love your work and these prompts. I wish I was able to do one for mine today but unfortunately I had worked all day long!

Alternatively, I would like to offer some words of encouragement to the people who say they can't write poetry. I used to say the same thing and I thought it up until high school senior year which is scarily 5 years ago. I was sitting in my English class in the back of the room and on the board, my teacher had the words "New Lesson: Poetry unit."

I thought to myself that it was going to be the absolute worst and most boring lesson we had all year. Well that day, my teacher decided to reduce our consumption of PowerPoint and showed us two videos. The first one was called "If I should have a daughter," by Sarah Kay and the second was "Explaining my depression to my mother," by Sabrina Benaim. At that point in my life, those two videos hit me right when I needed them to.

Sarah Kay, which was the woman in the first video read off a few poems and then spoke about how she goes around to different schools and goes over writing poetry with teens. The thing that stuck with me the most was her saying that you should write about stuff that you know when it comes to poetry because who else knows you best? This sounds pretty obvious but at that point in my life, all I wrote about was these prompts given to me by standardized tests we took every year. Then the second video showed a girl trembling and speaking about her depression in a way that pierces your soul and makes you understand that feeling of being crushed a million times over in your mind. With that information I had just taken in, I decided to write about the anxiety attacks I had in high school.

I suffered from plenty of panic attacks at that age and I still do but to know that I don't have to suffer alone and I can put my thoughts and feelings into writing gives me plenty more comfort in my ability to take any pain or hurt I'm feeling and turn it into something that I can show the world and say I've overcome it. It takes a lot to change a person's perspectives on something and it took me two videos on poetry in a day to realize I can do it and I think anyone is capable of it if they put their mind to it and write about something you know.



I’m not really sure why I write, I always hated it in school and now I use it to convey what I don’t feel like I can say out-loud, enjoy.

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I’m not really sure why I write, I always hated it in school and now I use it to convey what I don’t feel like I can say out-loud, enjoy.

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